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The first luxury cosmetics refrigerator made in Germany

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Exclusive design and innovative quality for your powder room made in Germany

In this convincing combination of purist design and German precision, "the fridge" by biszet is the ideal cosmetics refrigerator. It blends harmoniously into the world of sophisticated architecture and individually designed powder rooms.

The b7 is now at home almost everywhere in the world from chic private homes to sophisticated hotels around the globe. It enhances the guest suites of mega yachts and is a must-have for the most sought-after spa locations. Whether freestanding or harmoniously integrated, the b7 enriches any luxurious living concept.

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The b7 by biszet - a unique design object

„The fridge“ combines purist design with the utmost technical precision

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Developed in collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists, three climate zones in the elegant stainless steel cabinet ensure your high-quality beauty products maintain their maximum shelf life and effectiveness.

As soon as cosmetics are opened, bacteria multiply up to 30 times faster at a temperature of 20 degrees than at a cool 10 degrees. The effectiveness of precious ingredients like vitamin C or retinol is lost and, in the worst case, this can even result in allergic skin reactions.

Thanks to the cooling effect , high-quality cosmetics retain their purity, consistency and shelf life. This even applies to products like natural cosmetics without preservatives. When cooled, the active ingredients can penetrate the skin faster and deeper to develop their full effect. Optimal anti-aging care and freshness for the best results on your skin!

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